Business cooperation


Beijing International Exhibition Center had accumulated rich experience, trained a professional and efficient team, and formed a complete set of exhibition planning, organization and business management processes in our long-term exhibition process. And we are willing to cooperate and exchange experiences with industries both at home and abroad, provide all-round and high-quality exhibition services, and cooperate in the organization of various types of international exhibitions.

Commercial Exhibitions

Commercial Exhibitions are an important branch of our exhibition business. Our center has participated in the organization of more than 300 large-scale commercial exhibitions of various types successively, and established a wide network of relationships. We have successfully held a series of trade brand exhibitions, such as China Refrigeration Exhibition, China Franchise Expo, Transportation Exhibition, Military Exhibition, Guiyang Big Data Expo, China Children and Women Industry Expo, Early Childhood Expo etc. Our center draws close attention to market trend, grasps the trend, and actively develops industry and regional exhibitions in line with market demand.

Important Government Activities

Our center actively participated in and completed all kinds of government projects assigned by the Beijing Municipal Government, such as 2005 Aichi World Expo, Japan, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, 2014 APEC Beijing Enterprise Exhibition, 2017 The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum, Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo, China, etc. We have the ability to co-operate on various government exhibition projects.

Overseas Exhibition

With the aim of broadening the international vision, strengthening international cooperation, promoting Chinese enterprises to all over the world, our center has organized Beijing-based industrial and commercial enterprises to participate in exhibitions in more than 30 countries and regions in five continents of the world. And we also contribute to the economic development by helping foreign enterprise to explore the Chinese market, and bridging the economic cooperation between countries along the \"Belt and Road\".

Exhibition Information Technology Services

We can provide more accurate, timely and convenient service for the exhibition activities by using rich experience in exhibition, and assisting the cooperation organization to use information means. At the same time, we can do well the exhibition operation work by making the full use of new technology and new concept, and realizing the information connection from the exhibitor management system, exhibitor service system, on-site registration, audience ticket purchase system and so on.