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4 Forums, 20+ Themed Events, 2021 CCFA Franchise China-Beijing Event Guide is Here
Source:Beijing International Exhibition Center       2021-05-20

In 10 days, the 58th CCFA Franchise China will be held from May 22nd to 24th at the China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) as scheduled!

For more information:The  new lineup is released for 2021 Franchise China-Beijing

In addition to numerous high-quality franchise brands covering 70+ popular sectors in four major industries including catering, retail, education, and service, Franchise China will also hold a series of significant events such as an opening forum, Franchise Standardization Summit, Trendy Food and Drink Franchise Forum, Children's Education Franchise Development Forum, Baijia Forum, Brand Show, and Million Investment Private Matchmaking to provide investors with in-depth analysis of market trends and interpretation of future hot spots.

To attend these events, please check the following information for details:

Opening Forum

In 2020, China's real economy experienced unprecedented changes in a century. The market pattern was reconstructed, and many brands and categories faced new challenges. As a professional franchise exhibition sponsored by China Chain Store & Franchise Association, an authoritative industry association, Franchise China has always followed the development of the market, taking the promotion of the healthy, orderly and high-quality development of China’s real economy and franchise market as its own responsibility, and proposed the annual theme of "Redefine Borders· Build a New Life Together" and the three themes of "Integration", "Innovation" and "Return" for each stop.


Event time: May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 10:00-11:30

Children's Education Franchise Development Forum

Under the influence of the pandemic, the children's education industry and various industries are becoming more and more integrated. All learning scenarios are new markets for education, and all industries may become new markets for education. In the scenarios of family, school, society, and the new scenario of Internet, we urgently need to think about the relationship between fragments and systems, the relationship between online and offline, the relationship between learning and practice , the relationship between lightness and heaviness... Well-known children education chain enterprises will be invited by the forum to focus on hot topics such as how to open up channels and improve customer acquisition efficiency; how to improve operational capabilities and increase conversion and renewal rates; how to make the model light and increase profitability to "focus on key scenarios and unlock the future” to carry out joint exchanges and discussions.

Event time: May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 13:30-15:10

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) · Main venue of W1

Franchise Standardization Summit

Standardization is the cornerstone of franchising. The large-scale development of physical chain enterprises is closely integrated with the development of the entire chain of upstream and downstream industries. Standardization facilitates expansion of scale and thus realizing capitalization of scale. Returning to the origin of development, let us explore chain standardization together and identify new growth drivers for chain enterprises.

Event time: May 23, 2021 (Sunday) 10:00-12:10

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) · Main venue of W1

Trendy Food and Drink Franchise Forum

A sample survey shows that 62% of Gen Z believe that friends and people in the same circle are the most influential in making their purchasing decisions. The social economy is becoming a new business opportunity. In the future, everyone will be a product promoter. At the same time, with the continuous development of technology and the faster pace of urban life, the one-person economic industry chain has also been established.

Event time: May 23, 2021 (Sunday) 13:00-15:00

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) · Main venue of W1

MIX Talk Baijia Forum

Franchise China has served over 1.41 million investors since its establishment in 1999. In order to better help investors choose projects and successfully open stores, every stop of the exhibition will hold a Baijia Forum, senior industry experts, professional lawyers, outstanding brand executives and industry experts will be invited to give on-site lectures about franchise, analyze market of the industry, share entrepreneurial and practical experience.

MIX Talk Brand SHOW

It is the pain point for many entrepreneurs to identify reliable franchise projects. Franchise China has always focused on identifying more reliable "selected brands" for entrepreneurs. At the 2021 Beijing Stop of MIX Talk Brand Show, around 20 selected brands will be gathered to face the audience and have one-on-one communication to answer questions for investors and share franchise policies.

Event time: May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 11:30-15:30

May 23, 2021 (Sunday) 11:30-15:30

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) · MIX Talk area of W2

The above events are all public events. Visitors can participate for free with admission ticket of the 2021 Franchise China-Beijing.

In addition, a closed-door event - the Million Investment Private Matchmaking will be held on the exhibition site on May 22.

■ Closed-door Event - Million Investment Private Matchmaking.

During the exhibition, Franchise China will resort to its own data platform to provide closed-door negotiation scenarios for specially invited investors and brands to accurately link high-net-worth individuals, expand network resources, connect cooperation channels, and improve the efficiency of exhibitors to cater to the needs of both parties in a stable and orderly manner, promote in-depth integration, and achieve win-win development.

Event time: May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 11:00-13:30

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) · Meeting Room W102 on the second floor

Invited brands: Burger King, Best Food Holdings (Quanjincheng, Xinladao, Hehegu, Dafulan)

Invited experts: Wen Zhihong, founder of Hehong Consulting under Hejun Consulting Group and senior franchise consulting expert with 23 years of experience.

* This event is a paid event. For registration and consultation, please scan the QR code below and add Xiaomeng Manager as a contact.

In the event area and various booths of the exhibition hall, the participating brands will also provide a variety of fancy experiences. The visitors can directly meet the brand founders to discuss franchising, play with former table tennis players of the Chinese national team, and appreciate on-site food, beverages and entertainment. Through the rational interpretation and on-site experience, the visitors will gain a better understanding of brands and the industry. Do not miss it~

■ Ping Pong (table tennis) Interactive Experience Event

Time: May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 14:00-15:30

May 23, 2021 (Sunday) 10:00-11: 30, 14:00-15:30

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) ·Activity Area of W1

Guests: Tan Ruiwu and Yin Hang, Xinggui Sports Expert team member, Cai Meng, CCTV Sports Channel host

Visit on May 22-24, China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) for more exciting experience!


2021, invest in a good store

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