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The Big5 Show is a portfolio show in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, organized by dmg. It starts in 1979 and grows rapidly which promoted the market development in Middle East and Africa greatly. The Big 5 gathers buyers and manufacturers of construction products from around the world, including heavy industry machine, concrete, HVAC&R, stone, solar energy and urban landscape design, etc. The Big 5 Dubai show organized by dmg Dubai Corporation is the largest building and construction show in Middle East in terms of the sqm, numbers of exhibitors and buyers. The building and construction market is active in Dubai especially urban construction, which covers 81% of all construction projects. The lasting development of building and construction industry benefited from the favorable market in Dubai, which boosted the demand in HVACR products. HVAC&R is one of the key product sector in China Refrigeration Expo.

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TIME:2020.11.23-26   LOCATION:Dubai, U.A.E.

Room 1309, 13 / F, Beichen times building, No. 8, Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel.010-64934668 Fax.010-64938558

Host: Beijing International Exhibition Center京ICP备 07000740号-1 | 京公网安备100102000689-3号 | 技术支持:云智互联