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Leaders from Information Technology Department of Beichen Group Visited BIEC to Investigate IT Application
Source:Beijing International Exhibition Center       2020-08-29

On the morning of August 28, 2020, Zhou Chuyun, Deputy Head of the Information Technology Department of Beichen Group, along with Department Supervisor Han Han, visited BIEC to investigate the information technology application progress. General Manager of BIEC Chai Yingjie, Deputy General Manager Wang Lidong, Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhiliang, Director of the General Office Liu Jie, and IT specialist Zhou Boyu attended the discussion.

At the beginning of the meeting, IT specialist Zhou Boyu briefed on BIEC’s status quo and management policies of information technology application, information technology facilities, and the use of information technology application system. After the introduction, Deputy General Manager Wang Lidong, who is in charge of the Center’s IT work, put forward three suggestions according to the recent IT application task assigned by Beichen Group:

1. For now, BIEC is working on information technology application in management system according to the requirements of Beichen Group. Since it has just transformed and become a subsidiary of Beichen Group, it cannot meet the requirement of the annual assessment of SASAC. Therefore, Wang suggested BIEC not participate in the year-end IT work assessment this year.

2. As for the office software legalization, due to limited budget this year, BIEC will complete the legalization of office software by 2021. Wang suggested BIEC not participate in the legal software inspection by SASAC this year.

3. Wang hoped that when implementing IT application plan of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the new system can integrate the various existing operation systems and further enhance work efficiency.

According to the introduction, Deputy Head of IT Department of Beichen Group, Zhou Chuyun, put forward the following suggestions:

1. The feature of the IT work at BIEC is “small-scale but complete in every detail”. There is still gap between the current IT application at BIEC and SASAC’s requirements and Beichen Group’s standards, but still, with the small number of personnel, IT application work is relatively comprehensive, which has laid a solid foundation for IT application in the long run.

2. Currently, Beichen Group is working on the integration of information system step by step and formulating the 14th five year plan of IT application. BIEC can formulate its own 14th Five-Year Plan of IT application after the Group’s plan is printed and issued.

3. Regarding BIEC’s IT organizational and structural setting, Zhou suggested it refer to the practice of Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, CNCC and other subsidiaries. The Department will report to the Group about BIEC’s special situations and discuss to find the best solution. Department Supervisor Han Han further explained the building of information system of BIEC, management mechanism, budget and requirements of IT application, and personnel training

At last, according to General Manager Chai Yingjie, BIEC would communicate further with the Group and he hoped that IT department could give more suggestions and instructions to help boost the IT application of BIEC. BIEC would also actively respond to the requirements of the Group and promote the building and development of IT application under the guidance of Beichen Group.


(Written by: Zhou Boyu; Photo by: Qi Qiuju)